PC Matic is a tool full of utilities. It is software specially designed to take care of your PC speed and performance problems. PC Matic checks for your registry and disk problems, provides a solution and fixes maximum of the PC problems. If you are facing any types of sluggishness in your PC, Pc Matic is a good solution for maximum of the problems. There are some technical features helpful for both average and professional users. You can highly improve the speed and performance of your PC and it would also wipe out any malware or spyware. Following are the features PC Matic includes:

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PC Matic removes fragmentation from your computer. it defrags the disk which greatly helps in Improving the speed of your computer. Next, it fixes all types of registry error. It would first scan your registry and detect all kinds of errors. You are provided with a report including all the possible errors it could detect. Then it removes them from your registry leaving a clean and efficiently working registry. It updates your Pc driver regularly. PC Matic detects for all kinds of junk files and temporary files in your computer and removes them instantly. Junk files take maximum of the space so once they are removed there is a lot more space in your computer. It offers your PC security by removing all kinds of spyware and malware. Also, it ensures that they can never attack your PC again. If there are any unwanted startup application in your PC, PC Matic would remove them right away. It helps in increasing the speed and proficiency of your computer. It even improves the browsing and downloading speed of your computer. You can have a safe, secured and speedy computer with the help of this great software.


It detects almost all kinds of errors in your computer. it is affordable and very easy to use. it is designed for average to professional users so no extra skills required to use it. Download and install is simple and easy with no conflicts. Worth the price.


The only major problem is that it works a little slow first time, probably because of the errors. Some people find problem in auto schedule however it is just the lack of proper information.

The verdict:

PC Matic has been proved to be great software. There are most advanced features with normal or affordable price. It offers you complete package and solves maximum of the PC errors. Out of hundred, ninety nine percent users are completely satisfied with its proficiency and working. There are no such cons of PC Matic which makes it more precious software. The company provides you proper detail about the software and the customer support is there to help. So for any user who wishes to remove Pc errors and increase the speed of your computer, I believe that choosing PC Matic would be a great option.

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Are you working on a slow and unstable computer? If yes, then Pc Matic is what you can try to speed up your Pc instantly. Pc Matic is a tool containing maximum Pc technologies which would solve almost all the problems of your PC. It cleans the registry, removes all the errors and sluggishness of your computer. It diagnosis the issues you have in your computer, provides you with a report and then it would start fixing them all. It is available in only $49 and offers you all the expected features.

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Features of PC Matic:

Try it Now!PC Matic defrags your disk, and increases the speed of your computer. Registry errors are the worst cause of system crashes and slow speed. With PC matic, maximum of the registry errors are fixed. It cleans your registry efficiently. Then it removes the junk and temporary files of your computer so that there is more space in your hard drive. Also, duplicates files and unwanted temporary files are useless for your computer; they slow down the computer so Pc Matic removes them too. Also, it offers you backup plan so that if anything you want has been accidently deleted you can get them back with the restore system. To protect your files and folders you can customize the search of Pc Matic. It would only search errors from the listed areas. You can also schedule your search so that you don’t have to work with it every day. Pc Matic improves the browsing and downloading speed of your computer. Plus, it removes all the history including browsing history, flash cookies, passwords etc. your computer is completely safe with PC matic. It protects your Pc from serious threats of malware, Trojan, spyware, viruses, adware, and many other malware.

How to use it?

If you are new with it, you must know that it is very easy to work with. All you have to do is to press the “download now” button which would start the downloading. Once the download is completed you have to follow the instructions they provide you step by step after pressing the button “run”. Then go to start>Programs> Pc Matic. Once it is installed it would start its working.

PC Matic

Pros and cons of PC Matic:

It is simple and easy to use. Affordable than many other software’s. It offers complete Pc problems solution. However, it is a little slow when first used.


Pc Matic has some most advanced features to improve the speed and performance of your computer. Simple, easy to use but has almost every technological feature helpful on fixing Pc errors. With the review, it can be clearly judged that Pc matic is very efficient in speeding up your computer. No special skills are required to use it and it is pretty much compatible with the almost all the versions. So for any average to professional users of Pc, Pc matic is quite useful to speed up Pc performance and make it more stable.

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Pc Matic is a great tool for fixing the errors of your computer. It has been specially designed to improve the speed, performance and stability of your computer. Pc Matic has been top rated for its registry cleaner. It would clean your registry leaving behind no errors and sluggishness. This program removes your junk files, temporary files and what not? You can get this amazing software in just $49.00. Following are some details of the features it possess.


The first step of PC Matic working is that it would scan your computer properly then it will provide you a report containing all the possible errors you have in your computer. Starting from your disk, it would remove all the fragmentation with the help of defrag system. It would completely defrag your disk leaving behind a speedy computer. Your registry is the most important thing and if it contains errors then it would result in freezing, crashing down and slow speed of your computer. It improves the performance of your computer by removing all the junk files and temporary files talking too much space of your computer. However, if you wish not to delete certain files you can customize your scan. Copy the files and folders you don’t want to delete. In case it deletes some folders you wanted, it offers you back up plan. You can save back all the files you want back. Also, when improves the speed and performance of your computer it increases the browsing and downloading speed of your PC as well. It is compatible with most of the versions so easy to install and work with. Once you have installed it in your computer you can get rid of all kinds of malware and spyware. It would remove them if you already have it in your computer; also it offers you lifetime protection. So with PC Matic your computer is not just fast and efficient but it is safe too.

Mostly computers have duplicate files taking more space of your computer. Pc Matic fixes this problem as well. In short, it leaves behind a completely new computer. The downloading and installing process is very easy. It mostly never conflicts with other software’s however it can be slow at first time use. If you are not satisfied with it, they offer you money back guarantee as well. The only problem is that it offers you best result for one year of use, later you have to update it again.

The Summary:

The above review on the features of PC Matic shows that the features it has are good and efficient. It is quite useful and fast with no such problems. In one single package it offers you complete pc renovation. All the possible errors are removed leaving behind a fast and stable PC. PC Matic is good for any average to professional user for the speedy performance of your computer.

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PC Matic PC Matic is software containing maximum PC technologies. In one single package you get all the utilities with money back guarantee. It has offered its customers a guaranteed improvement in the speed and performance of their computer. It works on every single problem of your Pc starting with cleaning too much junk to removing some seriously threatening malwares. With this program, your Pc is not just more speedy and stable but safe too. When compared with other software’s, Pc Matic has to offer a larger interface of sets of tools. Following is a list of features it offers.


  • Scanning - once this program is installed in your computer, it would start the scan to search the problems or errors you have in your PC.
  • Junk files - It removes all the junk files you have in your computer. As it takes a lot of space of your hard drive, once these junk files are removed you have a faster computer
  • Temporary files - there are too much temporary files and startup applications slowing down your Pc speed. This tool removes them instantly, however with a warning first.
  • Drivers - It keeps your driver updated. There are daily or weekly driver updates available for you.
  • Defrags disk – It defrags your disk and removes all the fragmentation resulting in a faster and speedy computer.
  • Stable - It helps you achieve a more stable computer by preventing freezing and crashing down.
  • History - it ensures the safety and security of your computer so it deletes the browsing history, cookies and passwords etc. also, it protects your computer from malware’s and spyware’s.
  • Speed – It improves the browsing and downloading speed of your computer. Also it fixes the driver errors of your PC.
  • Customer support - you have their great customer support with a reply within 72 hours. If you are not satisfied, you can get your money back within 60 days.

Also, Pc Matic can be used on 5 Pc’s at one time with the same performance.

PC Matic

Comparison with other software’s:

The major difference among PC Matic and other registry cleaner is that it offers too many features. Other registry cleaners usually offer the major features like fixing errors and improving speed of your Pc. On the other hand, It offers you too many extra features like driver updates and backup. There is great customer support with too many options to contact them. All these features are available in same package, unlike many other software’s where you get some of it. Also, there are no or very less cons. It is fast, efficient and long lasting.


PC Matic has proved to be amazing software with some great features. It can be compared with any good registry cleaner as it offers compatible features. The customer support is better than many other software and also they offer you demo and money back guarantee. A customer can buy it when fully convinced, which is very easy. the reviews and working of PC Matic shows that it is worth the price.

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About the product:

PC Pitstop Exterminate is a computer programmed that is manufactured by the company named as ‘PC Pitstop technologies’. This software is being manufactured by the same company that claims on total maintenance of your PC at a very low cost. Nowadays most of the people all over the world are affected by the malware and virus attack on their computers. There are numerous anti malware and antivirus programmed is available in the market or over the internet. All these programmed are meant for the protection of your computer from any of such attacks on your PC. Among them one of the most efficient programmed for the regular maintenance and protection of your computer from such virus and malware attacks is PC Pitstop Exterminate.


Like the other programmed this programs has also got numerous features in its content.

· The scanning technology of PC Pitstop Exterminate is of cutting edge type with very precise outputs.

· PC Pitstop Exterminate has got a new feature in it which is not usually found in the other programs of such kind. The feature that is available in the Exterminate programmed of PC Pitstop technologies is known as remote scheduler and it has evolved a lot from its previous version.

· It will automatically detect and remove all the viruses and spywares from your PC keeping it a healthy one all the time.

· One of the unique features of PC Pitstop Exterminate is that it will send the reports of the scan of your computer at your email Id.

· It will give you the daily updates of the condition of your computer automatically. It will protect all your personal information stored in your computer and protect it from getting corrupted by the malwares or viruses.

· It will protect your computer from getting hijacked by the third party when you are on the internet.

· It will stop all the unnecessary adware ads that pop up in your computer screen frequently when you are online. PC Pitstop Exterminate also helps in making you aware of the spyware threats and the ways to fix it.

· The available version of PC Pitstop Exterminate id compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

· Price – $29.99 only.

· Warranty- One year from the date of purchase.


The first point that makes it go past the other programmed of this genre is that the technology used for the detection of the malwares is very advanced. It can detect any and almost every kinds of the recent computer threats. Exterminate categories the different threat in their genre and treat them as per their demand. It can be updated from the internet regularly for the better maintenance of your PC. One of the most important feature of PC Pitstop Exterminate is that it is very much user friendly and can be used by any kinds of computer user who knows the basics of computer. It is available for 30 days as a trial pack which you can change into the full version by buying the product.

A tiny peep into the PC Pitstop PC Magnum software features


PC Pitstop PC magnum is going in the lead for providing the best security to your PC. There are certain facts that remain unrevealed for majority of the people who use internet connections and computers for their daily work. Some of the most effective facts are:

· Almost all the websites create cookies virtually on every computer, that too without any permission. This may leave the machine in an unsafe state due to a number of reasons.

· A virtual archive of the images surfed on the internet get stored in some corner of your PC.

· There are occasions when people tend to shift some sensitive files to the recycle bin in the due course of deleting them.

· A digital paper trail is left for every document opened recently.

· PC keeps a track of all the websites visited. These are usually stored in the cookies.

· The images viewed from Facebook are subsequently recorded in your PC.

The need and essentiality

It is well understood that an urgent need of software for maintaining privacy of the PC was being visualized. At this time the PC Pitstop Pc magnum capture the market positions at huge rate.

As eraser:

The prime essentiality of the of this software is that, it provides an automated cleaning technology that helps to keep the PC in a much safer state as compared to before. In short it works like an eraser. It takes out the grind thus resulting in a clean PC. This cleaning is done by the use of some advanced cloud technology.

As scheduler:

If one PC is connected to some others, installing PC Magnum in any one would work efficiently for the rest. The PC magnum scheduler mainly deals with the digital paper trail residues that are left in your PC.

The technical platforms:

There are certain special platforms for which PC Magnum works:

· The browsing history in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

· The cookies formed by Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that stores the surfing history.

· The image cache present in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that stores every image surfed on the internet without your permission.

· The URLs typed in Internet Explorer.

· The download history in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

· The Facebook History

· Recent documents opened in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF and other applications.

· Sensitive documents, files and folders in the recycle bin.


There are certain facts that easily go unnoticed while you are on your use with the computer.

ü Deleting files doesn’t necessarily mean permanently deleting the file away from your PC. It secretly gets passed on to the Recycle bin on area occasions.

ü Every part of information surfed gets stored and hence destroys the privacy.

ü Browser cache stores every kind of image seen or downloaded.

ü Facebook pictures may become public on frequent occasions without your knowledge.

In order to solve all these major issues PC Magnum had been developed and it successfully carried out the cleaning work leaving the system absolutely secured.

Un-cleaned temporary files or registries may slow down any PC without any warning. And the cleaning process may sounds easy but actually it is not for any usual computer users. Without proper knowledge of any operating system, deleting temporary files or registry entries is not at all recommended, because it may lead to corrupted OS and computer may stops working. So here comes the optimal solution for this problem, PC Matic. It is an amazing tool that is specially designed for these kinds of problem by PC Pitstop.

Cleaning Tools that comes with PC Matic

PC Matic provides a wide range of optimization and cleaning tools that can be used for cleaning any PC without any critical system operation. User can simply click and the software will do the entire necessary tasks for them. Another advantage of this application is that PC Matic can perform optimization automatically whenever the system is needed to be cleaned.

The main utilities which are helpful for system cleaning are as follows:

Registry Cleaner

Unnecessary registry entries are main reason behind several system problems in a PC. Registries are used for various preloaded instructions and settings that may be triggered during the execution of any programs of applications. Now when some software is removed but the registries are still in the system, PC may be slow down for some unnecessary execution or processing. But removing registries is not an easy task at all. PC Matic Registry scanner scans through the registry entries and detect unnecessary registries and then it removes all of them to speed up the PC performance and free up some extra spaces in the memory.

Memory Cleaner

Whenever computer works on any files or folders it always creates a backup copy of those files or folders in the temporary or recovery directories. Also during the internet surfing process, browser downloads many necessary files for smooth running of the web application. But after the browser is closed some of those temporary files are not automatically removed for some various reasons. Those temporary file creates unnecessary allocations and storage crisis in the any PC. PC Matic helps to clean up all those unnecessary files and directories that are no longer needed by the system.

Process Cleaner

In many situations computer may be busy with some unnecessary processes and some useful execution may be delayed. Usually an expert computer user can go to task manager to kill those unnecessary processes. But for average users it is not recommended because killing any system process can harm the operating system, and also lead to data loss or other severe problem. PC Matic is capable of detecting unnecessary processes and other background processes that may slow down any PC. Then the user can easily kill those processes without task manager, and PC Matic also hides importance processes so that one cannot mistakenly closes them.

Un-cleaned and poorly arranged PC can be very problematic to use, and also very slow to process any utility application. By cleaning one can easily seep up the overall performances. PC Matic really gives an easy and convenient tool to clean computer. It can also be configures such a way that it keeps a PC clean automatically whenever needed.

To keep a computer safe and trouble free, some maintenance actions should be performed on a regular basis. Free space checking, updated driver testing, junk and temporary file cleaning, security treat checking are some of the key functions of that periodical maintenance. One can do it by himself, but it requires thorough knowledge of the system and its problems. And also it is a very immense task to perform regularly. A maintenance program can automatically do it without any hassle.

In the software market, there are a lot of products available, which does the maintenance. But among the paid applications as well as the freeware, one product clearly stands out. That is PC Matic from Pitstop. PC Matic is easy-to-use software that performs all the maintenance tasks with just a click of a button. In the home screen just clicking a large gear shaped icon ‘Free Scan’ starts a string of scans.


Apart from other freeware available in the market, PC Matic performs a thorough analysis of a system and registry. It removes clutters, junk files, cleans items from temporary folders, checks for duplicate files and removes them. It asks to choose the internet connection type and then check for proper settings. It fixes common web issues and increases internet speed. It deletes unnecessary start-up entries and thus helps to lower the computer boot-up time. PC Mastic’s powerful registry clean-up technology does in-depth analysis of the system registry and brings the problems into the spotlight. Performance fixes and registry tweaks are the final steps of the optimization process. No freeware maintenance program has these many functions and these powerful capabilities.

Driver Alert:

It is hectic to check for the updates of the installed drivers manually at the internet. Device Drivers are the basic programs that allow other programs to work perfectly with the hardware devices. Updating of drivers is a very critical issue than more than 80% computer users forget to perform. PC Pitstop Driver Alert 2.0 does it automatically. It scans installed hardware’s and scans the installed drivers for them. Then it looks over the internet for any updated versions. If found it automatically installs it without a hitch. So no more going to the hardware site, no more putting hardware information there and no more reading readme.txt files. Very few programs perform such function neatly.

Security analysis:

Its new Active Malware Protection blocks Viruses, Worms, Rootkits, Spyware, Trojan Horses, Bots, Adware, Key-loggers and other forms of Malware. Apart from other freeware programs, it has a step-by-step wizard that is very user-friendly and helps to understand the risks and to remove them. The virus database updates daily to collect new virus signatures to keep important data safe and secure.

Disk MD:

PC Pitstop Disk MD’s hard disk heath scan helps to identify Hard Drive problems. If problems are found, it alerts the user and then it performs necessary action like fragmentation, etc. It boasts of its features like advanced defragmenter, built-in scheduler that fixes restore points, which cannot be found in any freeware maintenance tool. Its new DAT1 backup application provides 2Gigabyte of secure free online backup system & unlimited local backup.

Overall it is a great program, packed with a lot of features, which nullify the need of a lot of freeware or paid maintenance applications and optimize very slow machines as well as used to keep a perfect computer perfect.

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