Un-cleaned temporary files or registries may slow down any PC without any warning. And the cleaning process may sounds easy but actually it is not for any usual computer users. Without proper knowledge of any operating system, deleting temporary files or registry entries is not at all recommended, because it may lead to corrupted OS and computer may stops working. So here comes the optimal solution for this problem, PC Matic. It is an amazing tool that is specially designed for these kinds of problem by PC Pitstop.

Cleaning Tools that comes with PC Matic

PC Matic provides a wide range of optimization and cleaning tools that can be used for cleaning any PC without any critical system operation. User can simply click and the software will do the entire necessary tasks for them. Another advantage of this application is that PC Matic can perform optimization automatically whenever the system is needed to be cleaned.

The main utilities which are helpful for system cleaning are as follows:

Registry Cleaner

Unnecessary registry entries are main reason behind several system problems in a PC. Registries are used for various preloaded instructions and settings that may be triggered during the execution of any programs of applications. Now when some software is removed but the registries are still in the system, PC may be slow down for some unnecessary execution or processing. But removing registries is not an easy task at all. PC Matic Registry scanner scans through the registry entries and detect unnecessary registries and then it removes all of them to speed up the PC performance and free up some extra spaces in the memory.

Memory Cleaner

Whenever computer works on any files or folders it always creates a backup copy of those files or folders in the temporary or recovery directories. Also during the internet surfing process, browser downloads many necessary files for smooth running of the web application. But after the browser is closed some of those temporary files are not automatically removed for some various reasons. Those temporary file creates unnecessary allocations and storage crisis in the any PC. PC Matic helps to clean up all those unnecessary files and directories that are no longer needed by the system.

Process Cleaner

In many situations computer may be busy with some unnecessary processes and some useful execution may be delayed. Usually an expert computer user can go to task manager to kill those unnecessary processes. But for average users it is not recommended because killing any system process can harm the operating system, and also lead to data loss or other severe problem. PC Matic is capable of detecting unnecessary processes and other background processes that may slow down any PC. Then the user can easily kill those processes without task manager, and PC Matic also hides importance processes so that one cannot mistakenly closes them.

Un-cleaned and poorly arranged PC can be very problematic to use, and also very slow to process any utility application. By cleaning one can easily seep up the overall performances. PC Matic really gives an easy and convenient tool to clean computer. It can also be configures such a way that it keeps a PC clean automatically whenever needed.

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